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Enroll Here for Face to Face, Hybrid, and Conference Courses

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All Courses: 3 Graduate Continuing Education Credits expect as noted

Face-to-Face and Hybrid Instructional Hours:
See the schedule for classes.

Instructional Hours:
Required minimum contact hours 45 for all courses

Hybrid and Face-to-Face (In Person) Enrollment

Sherry Mills
Email: sherry@acompletereunion.com

Phone/Fax (Toll Free): 877-447-7895
For Enrollment Confirmation • For Questions and Answers About Classes

P.O. Box 25806   Colorado Springs, CO 80036

All courses carry continuing education graduate credits offered by the fully accredited North Dakota State University. Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Please keep in mind the following credit limitations of North Dakota State University. Students may not enroll in more than a total of 30 semester credits per calendar year.

Break down as follows:

  • Each Fall semester = 9 credits
  • Each Winter/Spring semester = 9 credits
  • Each Summer semester = 12 credits

Registration Form

Please, either download this form and fax or mail it to IGS or fill out the online form.

Fall 2013 Tuition- All Courses: $695.00, Less $25.00 Rebate and an Additional $25.00 for each Colleague You Recruit.

Recruits Also Get a $25.00 Discount.

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