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IGS Conference Courses

IGS is proud to partner with a growing number of state and national professional organizations in providing graduate education credits in conjunction with conference attendance.

Conferences ADs:

 WSRA Convention 2014 NIELSEN – SLC

For further information, contact:

Sherry Mills 1-877-447-7895 (Best time to call 9 am-6 pm) or sherry@acompletereunion.com

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IGS Conference/Courses*

Spring/Summer 2014

Associations Instructors When/Where
1. AAHPERD Juany Dahlen 4/1-5/14
American Alliance for jmkd2010@gmail.com St. Louis, MI
Health, , Deborah Engen
Physical Education, (608) 213-7862
Recreation and Dance deborahengen@hotmail.com
2. NSTA Juany Dahlen 4/3-6/14
National Science jmkd2010@gmail.com Boston, MA
Teachers Assn. Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
3. MSCA Juany Dahlen 4/10-11/14
Montana jmkd2010@gmail.com Bozeman, MT
Counselors Association Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
4. ASCD Kimberly Nielsen 4/24/2014
(Regional Workshop) (608) 877-9145 Naperville,IL
5. Learning and the Brain Juany Dahlen 5/9- 5/10
jmkd2010@gmail.com New York City, NY
Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
6. BLC November Juany Dahlen 7/10-13/14
Learning Center jmkd2010@gmail.com Boston, MA
Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
7. Fighting  Bob Fest Carl Olson 9/6/2014
(608) 318-0307 Maison, WI
8. CSCA Juany Dahlen Nov. 2014
Colorado State jmkd2010@gmail.com Loveland, WI
Counselors Association Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
9. WWEA Blaine Felsman Nov. 2014
WI Wrestling  Association (920) 4207556 Green Bay, WI
10. NCSS Juany Dahlen 11/21-23/14
National Council for jmkd2010@gmail.com Boston, MA
Social Studies Deborah Engen
(608) 213-7862
*Courses which are confirmed only!
Many More to Come!


Need Credit?

Why not combine Conference attendance with graduate credit?

Many More to come!

*As of 11/22/2013

          ● Graduate courses tied each year to the theme of the conference

          ● “Fantastic” says one of the WSRA reading course students



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